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YIOTIS S.A. was founded in 1930 and today employs more than 370 employees, exports to the 5 continents and has an annual turnover exceeding €70m. Products manufactured in its Athens-based facilities include cereal based baby foods, powder mixes for baking and cooking, chocolates, syrups and chilled desserts. The company’s staff is highly educated and constantly trained. Disciplines employed lie in the field of Chemistry, Agricultural Engineering, Food Technology and Chemical Engineering.

At YIOTIS research is coordinated by the Research & Development department. Its expenditures account for 3% of the company’s annual turnover, indicating the company’s orientation towards research.

For the past 20 years, YIOTIS S.A. has participated in more than 30 National and European Research Projects mostly as coordinator. The company’s organizational scheme combines its highly educated workforce to ensure the necessary administrative and technical support of any large-scale project.


In 1981, Marinos Geroulanos, a fourth generation Kefalonian, founded the very first farm for the production of European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) and Gilthead Sea Bream (Sparus aurata) in Kefalonia, Greece.

His aim was to preserve the traditional way of life of the island through an innovative and sustainable professional practice, namely aquaculture. More than three decades later, Kefalonia Fisheries remains committed to excellence in the premium seafood markets. They strive to produce and deliver the freshest, highest quality Sea Bass and Sea Bream throughout the world.

At Kefalonia Fisheries we are passionate about creating the finest foods using traditional methods. Their aim is to preserve the heritage, purity and unique flavor of the Mediterranean.


CHC is a newly established company in the area of Natural Products. It is located 30 Km from the city of Heraklion, in an unspoiled natural environment. They recently completed a major investment in infrastructure and state of the art equipment, of the most advanced technology, for the production of plant extracts, essential oils and isolation of naturally occurring bioactive compounds. The source of their products are herbs and flowers native to the island of Crete which is renowned for its unique and rich floral and biodiversity.

Plants used by Cretan HerbalChem are either harvested wild or cultivated with specifications assuring raw materials of the highest quality. Product manufacturing fulfills all requirements regarding the quality of handling foodstuffs (HACCP), ensuring the absence of microbiological, chemical and physical contamination. Thus, their product line is suitable as constituents in cosmetics, nutraceuticals and food supplements.

Their Research and Development Department, in close collaboration with universities and research institutions is constantly working in developing new products, which meet the strictest requirements in regard to quality.

In addition, the company offers custom production of plant extracts/pure compounds and essential oils according to requested specifications.


The Fisheries Research Institute (FRI) belongs to the HELLENIC Agricultural Organization-DEMETER (ELGO – DEMETER), which is supervised by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. The Institute is based in Nea Peramos, Kavala and has been operating since 1995 in main research areas, such as: fisheries, the aquatic environment (coastal, transitional and inland waters), fishery exploitation and aquaculture.

The Institute’s specialized research and technical staff participates and implements a number of research projects and studies, acts as a consultant in the country’s fisheries and environmental policy, provides services to public services and private bodies, while contributing significantly to graduate and postgraduate education, as well as fisheries and aquaculture professionals.